Experiential Learning at Natskies:

There is an old Chinese saying, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I might remember.  Involve me, I’ll finally understand”  

Natskies has opted for the experiential learning technology (ELT) as our formal education strategy has less or no participation. ELT can be simply put as learning by doing. ELT at Natskies lets participants experience the situation, reflect the situation, then try to form an abstract concept and do it again and refine it. We put children’s through direct inspiring experiences. Our ELT strategy is followed by focused reflection, increase useful knowledge, develop skills that they can apply, clarify values that can make a difference, and develop deep capacity for contribution.

Accordingly we have developed the content which truly delivers the results. The ELT at Natskies are performed under the supervision of our educators.

Experiential Learning Technology Cycle