We areĀ India’s first local available platform for all space science enthusiasts. It has been created with the idea of spreading and encouraging astronomy and space science to anyone, of any age group, who has even a remote interest and curiosity about our Universe

Outreach is an effort to bring Natskies Programs to any school, locality or town so that those who do not have the access to a space centre or an observatory can get a hands-on experience in the field. Natskies Outreach Program is a completely mobile product and can be conducted
absolutely anywhere as long as some of our minimum requirements are fulfilled.


Why Natskies?

  • A Proud member of NASA Museum Alliance that allows access to NASA’s incredible archives
  • Over 1000 hands-on experience workshops conducted in an exciting fun-learning environment
  • Comprehensive Experimental learning Modules
  • Application based workshops designed to ensure basic concepts are understood thoroughly
  • Extremely interesting sessions tailor-made for every age group
  • Well trained and passionate team deliver well thought out programs
  • Plenty of opportunities for research, volunteering and internships for interested students


About the Program:
Our Outreach team will come to your premises and set up our facility and equipment. They will conduct a 1-day program which includes the below mentioned activities for a maximum of 200 students per day. Timings for the program shall be 2 pm to 10 pm with some free time for snacks.


Activity Brief:

  • Air Propelled Rocketry: Design and create your own air propelled rocket and Launch it!
  • Gas Propelled Rocketry: Learn the concept of Gas Rockets and the chemistry behind it
  • Audio-Visual / Animations: Enjoy the journey of space science through entertainment
  • Telescope Making: Make a telescope and learn to use it
  • Star Gazing: Learn the basics of star gazing, astronomy and mythology
  • Observation through Telescope: Observe various planetary objects in the night sky
  • through a high-end GPS operated telescope


Outreach 1
Outreach 2
Outreach 3

We believe, in addition to delivering our services, Outreach has an important educational role of raising awareness of the existing structure and opportunities available in various related fields. We aim to inspire the new generation in the field of Space Science and the possibilities beyond.
Looking forward to meeting all the kids in your school and inspiring them!

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