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General Information

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day – A different picture each day with an explanation.
  • Lunar Photo of the Day – A different lunar picture each day with an explanation.
  • Heavens Above – Site providing tracking information for satellites and sky maps for your location.
  • Star of the Week – Site containing comprehensive details for many stars.
  • Zooniverse – Home to many astronomy and non-astronomy interactive projects.
  • Sixty Symbols – Site containing many short astronomy and physics videos.
  • Deep Sky Videos – Site containing many short astronomy videos.
  • Top Astronomy Nasa Photos Of All Time : Hubpost

Observing Reference Material

Observing Themes

  • Herschel 400 – A list of deep sky objects that are a natural extension of the Messier list.
  • Astro-Tom.com – Site containing a list of deep sky objects and tips on their observation.
  • Lunar 100 – Site containing a list of lunar objects to observe.
  • NGC / IC Project – The NGC/IC Project is an attempt to correctly identify all of the original NGC and IC objects.

Telescope Tuning, Information and DIY

ATM (Amateur Telescope Making)

  • BBAstroDesigns – Site containing useful information on telescope design.
  • Stellafane – Site containing ideas and designs for telescopes.

Software – Shareware or Freeware

  • RTGUI – Windows application that produces observing lists and can control some Goto telescopes.
  • NightCal – Windows application that produces a monthly calendar of the moon phases, sunrise/set, moonrise/set and conjunctions.
  • Virtual Moon Atlas – Windows application that provides information on the features of the moon.
  • PocketStars – Planetarium software for Windows, smartphones and PDAs.
  • Cartes du Ciel – Planetarium software for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • StarCalc – A Windows based planetarium package that is expandable to use common databases.
  • Stellarium – A planetarium package for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Voyager and SkyGazer – Planetarium software packages for Windows and Mac OS X users.
  • Binary Stars – Self education package on binary stars for Macintosh users.
  • Keith’s Image Stacker – Image processing software for the Macintosh system.
  • AstroPlanner – Software for observation planning, visualisation and logging.

Solar System

Deep Space