First Public Access Astronomical Observatory in India

A locally available public access astronomical observatory is a pioneering concept in India. Natskies Observatory is a publicly accessible observatory dedicated for encouraging and promoting the astronomy and space science education. We are best locally available platform for all types of students who are curious about astronomy and space science. Here one can get acquainted with our universe, its wonders and amazing facets. Natskies is the unique place for the students where they can learn with equal amount of fun. They can get unique experience and they can realize that learning can be so enjoyable.

Located near the famous hill stations Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani in a serene space where one gets totally in tune with the vast nature. Ideal place to uncover the wonders of astronomy and space science!

Exploring the vast canvas called universe


  • First of its kind- of platform in India
  • Proud partner of NASA Museum Alliance
  • Observatory Grade Telescopes to explore galaxies, clusters (stars), nebulae, planets
  • Located at 3000 feet which has one of the best night skies
  • Hands on experience of working on telescopes and even making one!
  • Astronomical- space science exhibition
  • Space Museum with plenty of attractions such as miniature satellites, space crafts, rockets etc.
  • Audio visual tools for exploring astronomy and space science
  • Interactive activity books for wide range of astronomical and space related workshops
  • Every workshop is carefully designed with specific kits, content and scheduling.
  • Special attention to the understanding level of the students and their terms while designing the programs
  • Practical education with learning by actually doing
  • Fun learning and interactive virtual sky tour
  • Safety for the participants

What to expect

  • An international grade observatory located at a scenic place
  • Guided tour to the observatory and facilities
  • Guided tour to the space museum with friendly observatory facilitators
  • Internationally recognized staff expertizing in astronomy and space science
  • As per your requirement and as per size of the group of the students, flexible packages at your timing can be provided
  • Exposure to wonders – the amazing experience of watching multiple objects through ultra advance telescopes and unprecedented objects at the observatory campus
  • Insights about Greek and Indian mythologies about stars, constellations and astronomy
  • Audio- visuals regarding development of astronomy and space science
  • Never- before kind of experience and exposure for your students where they can explore much!
  • Practical experience of astronomy and space science
  • Basics of astronomy and space science
  • Interactive activity books* after each workshops
  • Hands on experience for the students with various kits

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[* Conditions apply]

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