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NASA Declares Opportunity Mars Rover Officially Dead

Opportunity's mission was planned to last just 90 days, but it worked for 5,000 Martian "sols" (which are about 39 minutes longer than an Earth day) and traversed more than 28 treacherous miles Opportunity launched into space aboard a Delta II rocket on July 7, 2003, on Jan. 25, 2004, Opportunity prepared to touch down [...]

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ISS Fact

The International Space Station is about the size of a football field. The International Space Station is the largest spacecraft ever built, and its assembly has been ongoing for two decades. Its first component, the Russian Zarya control module that provided the station's initial propulsion and power, was launched Nov. 20, 1998. International crews have continuously occupied it since [...]

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A full NASA Space suit costs whooping 12,000,000$.

A spacesuit is more than clothes astronauts wear in space. The suit is really a small spacecraft. It protects the astronaut from the dangers of being outside in space. NASA's first spacesuits were made for the Mercury program. Mercury was the first time NASA astronauts flew into space. The Mercury suits were worn only inside [...]

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NASA’s InSight spacecraft successfully landed on Mars

Completing a journey of nearly 500 million kilometers, NASA's InSight lander touched down safely on the Martian surface on 26th November 2018 starting a mission to study the planet’s interior. InSight launched on May 5 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, in the first-ever liftoff of an interplanetary mission from the U.S. West Coast. Over the [...]

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RIP Kepler

NASA officially announced a pioneering spacecraft that helped discover thousands of planets beyond our Solar System. After years of service that extended long beyond its initial four-year mission, the spacecraft finally ran out of fuel. After staring into the far reaches of our galaxy and beyond for nine years, space telescope Kepler was finally decommissioned [...]

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Stepping stone to the moon landing

Precisely 50 years ago today, three astronauts blasted off into into orbit around Earth. The flight was a crucial stepping stone to the moon landing that occurred just nine months later.   Apollo 7 was the first crewed spaceflight of the Apollo program that went into space. The crew of Wally Schirra, Don Eisele and [...]

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