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Video Of the day   HESS Telescopes Explore the High-Energy Sky   Video Credit & Copyright: Vikas Chander, H.E.S.S. Collaboration;   Music: Emotive Piano by Immersive Music They may look like modern mechanical dinosaurs but they are enormous swiveling eyes that watch the sky. The High Energy Stereoscopic System (H.E.S.S.) Observatory is composed [...]

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A full NASA Space suit costs whooping 12,000,000$.

A spacesuit is more than clothes astronauts wear in space. The suit is really a small spacecraft. It protects the astronaut from the dangers of being outside in space. NASA's first spacesuits were made for the Mercury program. Mercury was the first time NASA astronauts flew into space. The Mercury suits were worn only inside [...]

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Do you Know: SPACE IS COMPLETELY SILENT!!!   There is no atmosphere in space, which means that sound has no medium or way to travel to be heard. Astronauts use radios to stay in communication while in space, since radio waves can still be sent and received.   #natskies #observatory #oneuniverse #spacefact #astronauts #kids #amazing [...]

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