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Natskies Observatory is now open for small groups

Natskies Observatory is now open for small groups also. Knowledgeable Program co-ordinators are available to guide visitors for the program.   Visitors can view celestial objects through the GPS operataed Refractor telescope (weather permitting), tour the Observatory, hear exciting mythological stories about stars, constellations and space facts etc. in Stargazing Program.   Prebooking required.   [...]

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Space Exploration Bootcamp

Greatest Space Adventure in India! For anyone fascinated by Space Exploration, there is no better place than Natskies Observatory. Visit for more details on upcoming Space Exploration Bootcamp: #natskies #observatory #space #adventure #bootcamp #stargazing #telescope #mythologies #tour #airpropelledrocketry #suncompass #spacefacts #fun #amazing #opportunity #explore #astronauts #kidsfriendly #latestpost #teepee #teepeeculture #natventure

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Testimonial by Leena Bokil

"Very interactive & interesting session, Students enjoyed thoroughly! all the sessions - IVS, Telescopy, etc were highly interactive. Totally enjoyed the stargazing experience" Testimonial by "Leena Bokil" Astro-Edu, NASA -Honeywell Educator Science & Technology Communicator NASA's STEM Education Partner #natskies #observatory #outreach #matoshreenationalschool #warje #telescopes #stargzing #ivs #amazing #latestpost #trending #testimonials #leenabokil #NASA #Honeywell #educators [...]

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Stargazing & Navigayion Bootcamp, 2nd Edition

Witness spectacular wonders like the Orion Nebula as you're taken on a journey through space. This is one of the best times of year to see star clusters, galaxies, and the swirling clouds where stars are born.   Away from street lights and built up urban areas, the natural beauty of stars can twinkle to [...]

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Stargazing & Telescope Observation

Look up at the sky in most big cities and you can spot 200 or so stars and that’s on a good night. But what happens when you tilt your head back in a designated dark sky? It’s twinkle, twinkle lots of stars. In fact, you can see as many as 15,000 stars Visit Natskies [...]

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Survival, Star gazing and navigation and Astro Photography Bootcamp

The night sky is as fascinating as it is beautiful. Explore the galaxy and learn about the stars, nebulae and planets that make up our solar system and beyond. Enjoy an amazing journey out across the universe at Forest Hills, Tala in Upcoming Survival, Star gazing and navigation and Astro Photography Bootcamp by Natskies & [...]

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Last few days to participate

Re-connect with nature this season and make the most of the wintertime darkness with the best stargazing destinations. Enjoy a tour of the night sky at Forest hills, Tala with FRAS Vikram Londhe and experience wonders from this perfect stargazing location. Learn about the constellations, bright stars, planets and the deeper cosmos, astro activities & [...]

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