Space Science and Astronomy workshop

 Space Science and Astronomy Workshop

Camp Dates:
7th April, 14th April, 15th April, 17th April, 19th April, 21st April , 22nd April , 23rd April, 27th April, 29th April
3rd May, 16th May, 17th May, 9th May, 22nd May, 26th May, 27th May
1st June, 2nd June

Overnight Space Camp gives participants a real-time experience on Stargazing and workshops based on Space Science and Astronomy. Participants gets hands-on experience in Rocketry and Astronomy where they learn the concepts and apply themselves in the best way possible.

What to expect:

Exciting day time activities based on rocketry, Astronomy and Space Science.

Overnight Stargazing and and Sky Observation.

Program designed for 10 yrs – 16 yrs age

We will provide all material and equipment for the activities.

Accomodation and all meals at the campsite

For more information and Registration for the Program:

M: 9175029979