Encouraging Astronomy & Space Science

Welcome to India’s biggest platform for Space Science education and experience. We strive to make the Universe accessible to all. If you are even remotely curious about Space, join in on one of our programs for an exciting experience.

Everyone’s Invited

We have observed that, irrespective of your age, language or social background, when you make your own rocket and launch it, everyone reacts in the exact same excitement! We look forward to amazing you…

Anywhere Everywhere

Our extremely qualified and competent team of instructors and educators can conduct Space science workshops and programs anywhere in the World. Our programs are curated with the help of NASA scientists and are totally customizable to meet any needs.

Experiential Learning

All our activities are based on the concept of Experiential Learning Technology, which means, all our activities are hands-on and learning based. You get to explore possibilities on your own with expert guidance from our team. We have published a paper on employing Experiential Learning Technology for education successfully and been appreciated for it on a global platform at the CAP2018 in Fukouka, Japan.

Inspiring Young Minds of Tomorrow

We believe in presenting abundance of opportunities to our younger generations. With the current Space race and pace with which space travel and technology is advancing, we intend to provide a platform for dreams and support young minds that believe they can make an impact in this modern and demanding industry.

India’s First Public Access Observatory

Natskies Observatory set up on the hills of Panchgani, Maharashtra is one of the most premier Observatory of the Country with high grade professional Celestron telescope. Panchgani, being at an altitude of 3000m above MSL, provides great weather and clear skies eight months of the year. Come see the wonders of the Universe like the Nebulas, rings of Saturn, moons of Jupiter and enormous craters of our Moon among other gems in the night sky. You can also see the Sun and observe solar flares and sun spots with the help of safest solar filters.