Through an immersive experience of astronomy and space science workshops, students are introduced to creative thinking, innovation and exploration. This module helps them to apply their knowledge. The challenges are strategically placed so that it provokes critical thinking by combining inquiry and creativity led interactions.

Hands-on, Minds-on

We strongly believe that Hands-on Learning teaches us more than any classroom education. All activities at Natskies are designed with this in mind and we focus on letting you experience the activities, reflect on them, form your own concepts and experimenting with the application of those concepts.

Our Student Programs

School Programs:

  • The Space Bunnies

The Space bunnies Program designed for primary school students. It offers a practical understanding of earth and space science to the young learners because they take part in an entertaining learning experience which enhances their knowledge about the subject as well as helps enhance their skills.

  • School Outreach Programs

Natskies Space Science Students Programs are designed for students from 5thto 12thgrade to inspire active participation of students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This module helps them to apply their knowledge. The challenges are strategically placed so as to provoke critical thinking by combining inquiry and creativity led interactions.


Space Camps

Natskies Space Science centre and Observatory set up at Natventure Camp Panchgani hosts multiple camps of various durations from a few hours to a few days between October and May. Because it is located on a beautiful rolling hillside with clear skies and comfortable facilities, this place makes up for an ideal set up for our ever intriguing Space Camps.



Weekend School

Can Science be anybody’s hobby? We assure you that it can be an enriching and entertaining hobby for students. Our weekend school in Pune is just the right platform for students interested in space science or just science in general. Students can visit our center for a couple of hours to learn and conduct various grade appropriate experiments that will boost their interest in the science of things.


Inclusive Programs

As per the latest UN reports, there are 385 million kids living below the poverty line. 30% of these are in India. The report also says there are 9 million blind people in the India. We, at Natskies, believe that Astronomy is one subject that relates to everyone no matter your economic and social status. It is also one activity that anyone and everyone is interested in and anyone can practice. All you need is a dark clear sky or somebody willing to include everyone in this activity. We want to make Astronomy and Space Science accessible for all. Our programs are designed to encourage and inspire young kids in the field and dream big.

Our Inclsuive Programs


Having said all of the above, we have to meet the school students. Either you come to us, or we come to you.

We have set up a unique Space Science Center and Observatory, that includes a movie hall and a museum, at Natventure Camp Panchgani, Maharashtra, where we can conduct space science programs for students. Programs can range from a few hours to a few days depending on your needs. Our campsite will take care of your accommodation and meals while you are there.

Alternatively, if you can’t or don’t want to make the trip to Panchgani, we can conduct programs for you in your own school. Usually we conduct day programs for Secondary / High School Students. We also have a special program for Primary Students as an early introduction to Space Science that we can conduct only in schools.


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