Volunteering at Natskies Observatory

  • Everyone is invited to volunteer at our observatory. The children above 12 years of age can come with their parents.
  • You can volunteer as per your availability of time and as per your area of interest
  • You can volunteer in various activities of our observatory- in sky gazing, in space museum, astro shop, in library, at reception, in facilitating visitor groups, in handling telescopes, in supporting the staff etc.
  • Volunteering at Natskies Observatory gives you a perfect platform for skill development and personality development.
  • Here, volunteering also means experiential learning in various fields.

Benefits and Features

  • By becoming a volunteer with us, you can explore with us.
  • You would get ample scope to express your abilities and skills.
  • You can learn whole lot of technical skills, public skills, management skills and interpersonal skills.
  • As a student, you would get valuable exposure to scientists and technical world which can motivate you for further highs. For students, this would also enrich them as this would be similar to on field assignments.
  • Student volunteers also can use the observatory set up for completing their subject related assignments or projects along with volunteering.
  • All volunteers would be provided with certificates.
  • There would be annual volunteer banquet for appreciating your efforts. You would be given certificates and memoir gifts as per your contribution.
  • Yearly volunteer banquet and volunteer appreciation awards
  • Opportunity to work in the observatory itself is huge!
  • You can participate in our outreach activities and make a difference to the children’s lives
  • You can explore your interest in astronomy and space science and also you can explore career opportunities for the same
  • Valuable hands on learning experience in astronomy and space science

Further Opportunities and Scope

  • After 300 hours of voluntary work (which can be in done in 3-4 months), you can be given a specialized task such as volunteer for instrumentation, volunteer for research support, volunteer facilitator for sky watching etc.
  • When you complete 200 hours for this, then you can work even more. Then you can work as volunteer coordinator, observatory tour representative, outreach representative, activity coordinator etc and these positions are partially paid*.


  • Apply on our website for volunteer registration.
  • Your application would be scrutinized and our observatory representative would contact you for details
  • Selected volunteers would be given induction training and guidelines for volunteering with us.

[* Conditions apply]


  • There are many types of volunteers such as day time volunteers, stargazing volunteers, astro-shop volunteers, art and craft related volunteers etc.
  • The only prerequisite is interest in astronomy and space science.
  • Volunteers are expected to help the staff in managing various activities and events at the observatory.
  • After completion of 300 hours of volunteering (3- 4 months of regular volunteering) at our observatory, you can become chief volunteer.
  • You can become chief volunteer for any type of volunteering.
  • You would get additional exposure and opportunities
Sr. No. Role Nature of Task Location
1 Natskies intern- Instrumentation Work with instrumentation department, training at the observatory, learning different types of telescopes, handling instruments etc. The observatory
2 Natskies intern- Research Supporting role in research activity. The observatory
3 Natskies intern- Outreach Event conduction for the observatory. Support in outreach activities Outdoor locations
4 Volunteer Coordinator Coordination of all volunteers The observatory/ Pune Office
5 Activity Manager Event conduction at the observatory. The observatory