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Natskies was born out of passionate collaboration to promote and encourage Astronomy and Space Science. We derive our drive to work harder and better from our goal to inspire young enthusiasts in building careers and vocations in the non-mainstream field of Space Science and Astronomy.
It is our endeavour to make astronomy and the learning we get from our stars more accessible to people from all walks of life and age groups through our outreach programs and satellite centers. Our activities are therefore adaptable to cater to a wide range of target audiences.
The activities and workshops we conduct are mainly categorized in three areas, viz, Space Science, Rocketry and Astronaut Training, and are designed with the Indian enthusiast in mind. It involves subjects like Physical Training, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Metallurgy, Environmental Studies and Space Science.
We strongly believe that Hands-on Experiential Learning teaches us more than any classroom education. All activities at Natskies are designed with this in mind. We focus on letting you experience the activities, reflect on them, form your own concepts and experimenting with the application of those concepts.

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Whether you are student in a school or a college, parents of students or corporate people, we have unmatched offerings for you.
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We are conducting outreach activities in Maharashtra. Contact for school bookings and program details.

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“One dream, one universe, Natskies for you”


“For people who believe in, looking into questions. For those who want to, travel beyond distance. For the one who wants, to break the winds. For those who bend the rules, and push the limits. For someone who strives, to see the light. Natskies, for dreamers and believers”

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Note: We are currently NOT accepting individual visits or small group visits (Walk ins Visits), however you can leave your details with us and we can send you information about our Special Events (Open events). Inconvenience regretted. Observatory is only open for School/College groups visit only with advance bookings.